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5 Reasons to Love Baby Quokka

  1. Saving You Money
    Reusable diapers will save you a significant amount of money – unlike disposable diapers that are thrown away after a single use, cloth diapers can be used over and over again, and be passed down between children.

2. Protecting the Environment
Every time you choose diapering with Baby Quokka, you are helping the planet by avoiding excessive amounts of nonperishable waste – over a ton (!) of disposable diapers per baby.Quokka

3. Smart Snap System

Thanks to our unique snap layout, the diaper can be adjusted into 4 different sizes, which fit your baby from birth to potty.

4. Protecting Your Baby – No Chemicals

Say goodbye to diaper rash cream – thanks to our fabrics’ quality, your baby’s delicate bum will remain protected from diaper rash and other unpleasant side effects of disposable diapers.

5. Advanced Fabric Technologies 

We in Baby Quokka want to keep your little treasure feeling dry and comfy, all day long. Our diapers are composed of two layers of fabric; leakproof PUL on the outside for a dry feeling, and light and breathable AWJ on the inside for easy cleaning and quick drying

Our diapers are created only of the finest of fabrics, all made under OEKO-TEX® 100 and CPSIA standards. 

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